Turning Dreams of Equality into Reality

Written by Heidi

August 19, 2022

August 26, 2022 is the anniversary of the certification of the 19th amendment which guarantees women the right to vote. In recent years August 26th has been celebrated as National Women’s Equality Day.  For women experiencing homelessness, equality is a distant dream, as health disparities, financial inequality, access to quality education and childcare services, and insufficient affordable housing affect equality and seem out of reach.

By standing with us in the fight for equality for all women you can make a difference in our community. Equality is a dream that can feel like a fantasy to women and girls experiencing homelessness. But, you can help women and girls turn dreams into realities.

Spark the Dream

Young women and girls often seek approval and guidance from other women. Be the voice of encouragement. Spend some time with a girl and encourage her to dream big.  Spark a young girl’s interest in new experiences and viewpoints. Listen to a young woman and give her a platform to build her dreams.

Fuel the Dream

Support quality education. Girls who stay in school are less likely to experience homelessness as adults. Encourage women to pursue their education goals because education is a key contributor to financial security. Here are some interesting facts from the US Interagency Council on Homelessness:

  • Youth with less than a high school diploma or GED have a 346% higher risk of experiencing homelessness than youth with at least a high school degree.
  • The unemployment rate for someone with less than a high school diploma is almost three times that of someone with a bachelor’s degree.
  • The weekly income of someone with a bachelor’s degree is more than double that of someone with less than a high school diploma, with these income trends holding true over the course of one’s lifetime.

 Support the Dream

Women-owned businesses reduce financial inequality within our communities by providing employment opportunities and economic stability.  Supporting a woman-owned business allows women to reinvest in their dreams. Part-time entrepreneurship enables mothers to provide for their families with flexibility.

Elevate the Dream

Raise your voice. Speak up when you see an inequitable situation. Write to your local, state and federal representatives. Vote for school board members that support quality education, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Equality will only come if we continue to demand it.

Cheer for the Dream

When we see a woman making steps toward equality in her personal life, cheer for her. Write letters to elected officials thanking them for their support.

Make the dream of equality a reality, one woman at a time. Register to vote, know who you’re voting for,



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