Garage Sale

We are excited to announce St. Paul’s Center’s first ever Garage Sale. Join us Saturday, September 14 from 8-2PM at the North End Fire Station, 2 St. Francis Place, in Rensselaer. Between purses, jewelry, scarves, and homewares there’s something for everyone! All proceeds will benefit local families experiencing homelessness making this a great way to give back to families in need.

For the Love of Bags & Bling

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s sale! We raised just under $10,000! Thanks to our generous donors,  shoppers, and dedicated volunteers, 667 nights of shelter are covered for mothers and their children.


Since our start in 2006, special events have provided

Nights of Shelter

Coats for Children

Hours of Staff Support

for homeless families in Rensselaer County.

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With the support of our volunteers’ time and energy, St. Paul’s Center

is able to continue providing our services to the community.


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