Spring 2020 Newsletter

April 19, 2020

Executive Director’s Report

The Financial Reality for Families Across America

It’s easy to dismiss the challenges that face families experiencing homelessness by assuming it won’t ever happen to you or your family; however, new reports show that not only is it possible, but more Americans than ever are at risk of experiencing financial turmoil and losing their home.

In Rensselaer County alone, 12.6% of families were living in poverty in 2017. That’s a 6.5% growth since 2012. In addition, about one third of families in the County are headed by a single mother. Of these families, a staggering 41.6% are living below the Federal Poverty Line.  Historically, women have always been found at the center of poverty and the struggles that come along with it. That’s what makes our services so important for the community.

A survey conducted by Charles Schwab found that 59% of Americans are only one paycheck away from becoming homeless. Although unemployment is low and has been steadily decreasing for years, the majority of created jobs don’t pay workers a livable wage.  In fact, the median hourly wage for 44% of all workers is a mere $10.22. That’s not enough to afford rent in any county in the United States, let alone the added cost of groceries, utilities, and other basic needs. This leaves low-wage workers racking up debt and often having to choose what bills they can afford to pay each month.

But according to Kasey Wiedrich, former Senior Fellow at Prosperity Now, this isn’t just a problem facing low-income families, “…this is a problem of middle-class people and even people with higher income without enough savings. If they hit a shock, they are in the same boat.”

Under these circumstances, all it takes is rent going up, becoming ill, or having an unexpected emergency for a household to lose what sense of financial security they once had. Unless we start seeing real change, more and more families will find themselves homeless, and, someday, one of those families might be yours.

I encourage you to read this newsletter and follow us online to learn the ways you can support families we serve and begin advocating for change.

Tracy Pitcher
Executive Director


Affordable Housing is Headed Your Way!

After years of hard work, sweat, and a few tears, renovations are finally coming to a close on our new Lee Dyer Family Apartments that will provide permanent supportive housing to ten families with a history of homelessness. In addition to stable housing, this new program will provide case management services including life skill development, medical support, advocacy services, and enrichment activities for the entire family.

Watch the virtual tour!

Improving Outcomes: Using Social Determinants of Health

In recent years, health care disparities have become an important issue facing individuals and families across the United States.  After the World Health Organization created the Commission on Social Determinants of Health we began  to understand the social and economic factors, including access to housing, that often lead to avoidable inequities.

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Volunteer Spotlight | Carley Starr

When Carley comes in for her volunteer shift each week, it’s exciting to see how much the kids’ faces light up – especially because Carley’s arrival means it’s homework time at the Center. As a Homework Helper, Carley provides the one-on-one attention many homeless children crave, all while helping students continue learning as they work to achieve their academic goals.

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