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During the first week the Center was open, four year old Jonathan arrived with his mother and baby sister. He was scared and confused. As he was getting settled into his family’s room, he sat on his bed and stroked the colorful quilt that was on it. Our administrative assistant, Jane, who was helping him said, “Jonathan, do you like your quilt?” He looked up at her and said, “Oh, yes. It is so pretty and so soft.” She said, “Do you know that the quilt is yours to keep?” Jonathan’s eyes got big and wet and his mouth dropped open. “Do you mean I get to keep it forever?,” he asked incredulously. Sitting down next to this beautiful little boy and putting her arm around him Jane replied, “Jonathan, you get to keep it forever and ever.”

Jonathan and his family have moved on to their permanent home. But he has his soft and pretty quilt to remind him of a time when there were people who loved and cared for him.

Image of bedroom


Each person who comes to St. Paul’s Center receives a hand made quilt to use during their stay at the shelter and to take with them when they move to their permanent home. This thoughtful project was the idea of one of the members of the original Steering Committee who was sensitive to the needs of the mothers and children.





Image of bedroom



Quilters from across the state – from churches, quilt guilds, individuals – learned of the project and have responded with needles, thread and love. Since families come and go all the time, the need for quilts is ongoing.







If you or your quilt group would like to be part of this wonderful project, please call the shelter. We can always use twin sized bed quilts (60″ x 72″). Each quilt is a gift of comfort, love and hope for our residents.






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