Success Stories


From one of our interns, April 2012:

A mother and her daughter moved from New York City, and ended up coming to St. Paul’s center temporarily to start a new life in Troy, New York. During her stay at St. Paul’s, she was eager to find an apartment, employment, and day care for her daughter so she could eventually get off of public assistance and support her and her daughter on her own.

The mother and daughter ended up transitioning into the YWCA in Troy, for a brief period of time to keep looking for apartments and jobs. During her time at the YWCA, she enrolled in a training program through Albany Community Action Partnership, and successfully completed the six week program in culinary. Once she received her certificate, she enrolled in the Ready for Work Program at the YWCA, where she learned basic computer skills, basic skills for future employment and was provided education classes. Since she was doing so well in the program, she was able to receive hours at the YWCA, and was given a steady pay check.

During this time, she found out she got into Troy Housing, and moved immediately into her own apartment with her daughter. Not only did this provide her more independence, but was able to fall into a daily routine, which gave her purpose and meaning in her life. She fell into a schedule with her and her daughter where she felt useful, and an active participant in society. The woman was able to get the appropriate necessities for her apartment, fell into a comfortable living situation, and utilized public transportation for any of her obligations.

Currently, the woman is finishing up the Ready for Work Program at the YWCA and has a job lead at Pioneer Bank in Troy, New York working part time. Her goal is to eventually get off public assistance, and put her homelessness behind her. Not only does this woman possess much strength, but she is committed to hard work and reaching her goals. This is a woman who became homeless, but quickly got back onto her feet because she was determined to move forward, and turn her life around.