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Volunteer Application

Due to our limited resources and agency size we have focused our Volunteer opportunities into two categories: Short Term Volunteers and Long Term Volunteers. A consideration is the number of families being sheltered at any given time.

Some Short Term Examples Include:

  1. A visit by a Girl Scout group to assist with Breakfast on a Saturday Morning; and/or to engage the children in some specific activities such arts and crafts. (Attention must be given to the number of children and their ages in order to have a successful visit).
  2. Assisting our Executive Director with one of our mailings by stuffing envelopes (1 or 2 day per mailing).
  3. Cleaning: Visiting for the purpose of assisting with a deep cleaning of the kitchen, the dining room or the general areas of the building.
  4. Grounds work: A small group visiting to assist with mowing, weeding, bagging leaves, generally policing the area.
  5. Donation Drives: In order to conduct in a drive in the shelter’s name one should seek authorization from our Executive Director. For example: A sock drive, a diaper drive, a dried goods drive, a fund raiser event such as an evening bowling.
  6. Holidays: We do need assistance on holidays delivering meals to our families in their new homes or delivering gifts via our Adopt-A-Family program.

Some Long Term Examples Include:
  1. Children’s Activities Volunteer: (One must be 18 years old or 16 or older accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian.) This opportunity requires two visits with the families with the guidance of an experienced Volunteer prior to our processing an application. This step is meant to assist the Volunteer to be sure the experience matches expectations. Coloring, finger painting, reading, playing board games, card games and whatever ideas one may have that are acceptable.
  2. Routine visits to assist with organizing donations.
  3. Groups/Organizations that have, over the years, assisted St. Paul’s with donations such as personal hygiene items, knitting quilts, Adopting families for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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How do you know this reference?
Where does this reference work? If this reference is currently not working, please use most recent employment,
Is this reference is currently not working, please use this reference's home address
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Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
Please read this information and enter your name as your digital signature.
As an Agency that is working with homeless women and their children, functioning in all areas of our clients’ lives, St. Paul’s Center, Inc. is committed to keeping all aspects of the clients’ relationships with the agency confidential to the fullest extent possible. St. Paul’s Center considers a client to be anyone who seeks help in any form, whether or not the individual is residing in the shelter.

This is a commitment that every member of the staff and volunteer is equally bound by. This means that every piece of information relating to a client is confidential; not to be discussed with anyone at anytime other than with staff in a private setting.

Additionally, volunteers are expected to:

  • Use appropriate language while speaking with residents (no swearing, name calling, or use of racial slurs)
  • Have appropriate and positive conversation
  • Fulfill volunteer role and responsibilities
  • Refrain from sharing too much personal information with the residents (phone number, address, etc.)
  • Refrain from inquiring about personal lives of the residents
  • Refrain from continuing relationships with residents outside the shelter

I have read the above statement and agree to follow the confidentiality policy of this agency.
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